propaganda y companía

carteles, publicidades, avisos, graficas&+
posters, ads, graphics &+

LUX / washing powder.
"Clothes seem new and looks new, and looks bright colors.".
KOLYNOS / toothpaste
"At home we agree … this concentrated toothpaste cleans better, tastes better, pays more".
ROYAL / crème caramel.
"The one I like most"

ROYAL / crème caramel.

"The one I like most"

GELOSO / recorder.
"A teacher at your command".
Stylish clothes for boys 
COCINERO / cooking oil.
"Hake Normande"
BALNEA / swimwear
ARMINDAY / desserts.
"This is your dessert!" (chocolate, sponge cake, nut and cream).
GRIMOLDI / shoes
"Simplicity and high quality"