propaganda y companía

carteles, publicidades, avisos, graficas&+
posters, ads, graphics &+

"Their future seen from the front"
WARREN / whisky

"returned his old friend"
Publicidad del televisor a color Philips, Chile año 1978
RIGOPAL / tableware
"I prefer by linda … and economy."
NOEL / chocolate
"the world of the seven delights"
CUALICRÓN / fabrics
varieties in sweaters
"Parade of color and shapes in graceful garments BAN LON durable, super  washable, not shrink or stretch … are outrageously durable”.
Mundial de fútbol 1978
WILLIAMS / shaving cream
"You win shaves smoother with soothing lanolin"
PALETTE / decorative fabrics
"Impossible not to find the color and design that will enchant you in the new palette collection"