propaganda y companía

carteles, publicidades, avisos, graficas&+
posters, ads, graphics &+

LA PATRONA-aceite liviano / the patroness-salad oil.
"Hey! Madam, do not fall asleep to it boils water!…avoid his drowsiness!”
OREA / pantys
"The ensemble is beautiful, but … where the eyes are focused?"
LATINO AMERICANAS school / courses by mail.
"free for you"
COCINERO / edible oil
"Full expression of the Argentine taste"
BORGO /  Piston 
"engine forever young"
Knorr Suiza / broths
"To vary your menu"
El TRUST JOYERO RELOJERO / watches and jewelry
!…and always presenting novelties”.
ANDRÉ LATOUR / cosmetics
"Beauty without allergies"
EL HOGAR / shoes
"French Taco. Elevate your height 4 cm"
GRAFA / fabrics
"school line savannas"